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Securing Safe Spring And Summer Seasons For Seniors

We’re only two weeks into spring, but we’re willing to bet that the majority of Canadians have already thought about how to enjoy the impending warmer weather. We say “impending”, because, here in our hometown of Toronto, the temperatures aren’t exactly spring-like just yet. We imagine the rest of Canada is experiencing similar conditions. But like our fellow Canadians, we know that the cold won’t last forever!

Most of us truly enjoy the warmth and sunshine that come along with the spring and summer seasons. However, it needs to be stated that excess sun exposure and extreme heat can be very detrimental to our health – and that goes double for seniors. The way we see it, it’s never too early to ready yourself and the elderly loved ones in your life for the higher temperatures that are on their way.

Make the wearing of sunscreen a top priority.

Most people lather on the sunscreen when the summer arrives, assuming that because they can feel the heat, the sun’s UV rays are likely at their strongest. However, skin care experts insist that sunscreen be worn all year round. Especially in the winter when the sun’s UV rays are able to bounce off of the bright, white snow, they can be quite damaging. In the spring and summer, however, we tend to expose more of our skin to the elements. Ensure that your elderly loved ones are wearing sunscreen that is a minimum of SPF 30.

“Everyone, young and old, should wear sunscreen when outdoors,” insists Care.com, “The elderly especially need the extra sun protection to help keep them healthy. Caregivers, family and friends can help by gently reminding loved ones about applying sunscreen and helping to put it on when necessary. Hats are also a great idea, especially for those with light coloured hair and those with only distant memories of a full head of hair.”

Keeping hydrated is of key importance.

Never underestimate the importance of drinking water. When the weather is warmer, we naturally perspire. As a result, we need to replenish our fluids. It cannot be stressed enough how necessary this is for members of our elderly community. When on outdoor excursions throughout the spring and summer months, be sure to have water readily available for the seniors in your life.

“Always have a bottle of water handy to hydrate, ensuring at least eight glasses of water are drunk daily, and more if there is excessive perspiration,” recommends RetireAtHome.com, “Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which actually dehydrate the body.”

Remove the complications of outdoor navigation.

What do we mean by that exactly? Well, once the weather heats up, you and your elderly loved ones are bound to be outdoors more often. And while the intent is to enjoy the warm and sunny conditions, there are numerous tripping hazards to watch for when you’re outside. If your elderly loved one has any mobility issues, it’s wise to equip them with a mobility solution.

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