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Home Bathroom Modifications Toronto for Seniors & Disabilities

Increase your safety and peace of mind in your bathroom

Home bathroom modifications are physical changes made to one’s bathroom to accommodate the changing needs of seniors or those with disabilities.

The bathroom poses the greatest fall risk for seniors and those with disabilities, as they are typically small and often have many slippery surfaces. As we age, our mobility and physical strength diminish and many aspects of a bathroom that were once functional become difficult to maneuver.

A variety of home bathroom modifications are available to increase the safety of completing basic daily living activities in your home. Modifications can be as simple as changing water faucet handles from knobs to levers or as comprehensive as replacing the shower or bathtub with something more accessible.

Roll in Shower
Roll in Shower

Home bathroom modifications to help you with your basic daily activities

Although not a comprehensive list, here are some of the home bathroom modifications available:
All home bathroom modifications are custom to fit your home and individual needs.

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