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Occupational Therapists

Why work with LifeCare Mobility Solutions?

LifeCare Mobility Solutions cares about its clients. We have over 10 years experience serving the community and within the communities of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We work closely with Community and Hospital based Occupational Therapists and the community based agencies within the GTA to best serve our clients and those who have mobility and accessibility equipment needs.
LifeCare Mobility Solutions is your go-to resource for all things accessibility & mobility
LifeCare Mobility Solutions is always available to join Occupational Therapists on joint assessments. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff that are happy to assist the Occupational Therapist community at any time. We make our showroom available to Occupational Therapists in order to showcase the latest new equipment available and to provide hands-on training on its use.
We frequently host lunch and learn educational sessions for Occupational Therapists in order for them to stay current on new products or just to get refreshed on frequently used equipment.
As an authorized ADP vendor, LifeCare Mobility is always available to accompany Occupational Therapists on joint assessments at client homes to ensure that joint collaboration between the therapist and the equipment expert results in a direct benefit to the client.

For more information, book an in-home or virtual no-obligation consultation or call us anytime at 416.267.9800

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