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Home Hospital Beds Toronto & GTA | New & Refurbished

Maximize sleeping comfort and ease of getting in and out of bed with an adjustable home hospital bed

Home hospital beds allow individuals to increase sleeping comfort by adjusting bed positioning with proper therapeutic mattress surfaces. Home hospital beds are perfect for individuals that have a hard time getting in and out of bed, have sleeping issues or insomnia or those individuals who are bedridden.

For individuals who spend extended periods of time in bed, the pressure that the bed exerts on the body can cause soreness and bedsores. Home hospital beds provide a perfect solution as they enable users to make adjustments and shift the pressure to other places on the body. In addition, home hospital beds allow for improved circulation and breathing with periodic adjustments to body positioning.

Transferring and caring for loved ones in a home hospital bed is safer and easier with their height adjustable features.

Basic features of adjustable home hospital beds

Home hospital beds are designed for ease of use and comfort, including:

Home Hospital Bed Rentals Are Available!

Please contact us to arrange installation of a home hospital bed in the room of your choosing.

*Minimum rental period is 1 month.

Achieve a greater degree of comfort with a fully electric adjustable home hospital bed

We carry a variety of high quality home hospital bed products from various manufacturers:

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