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Is A Recycled Stair Lift A Safe Solution?

It should go without saying that when investing in a stair lift, it’s important to ensure that it is completely safe to use and is manufactured using high-quality materials. At LifeCare Mobility Solutions, it is incredibly important to us that our customers feel that they are always in good hands when making use of our mobility solutions and accessibility options. We stand behind each and every one of our products – both of the new and recycled variety!

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to purchase a recycled stair lift. Allow us this opportunity to assure you that they are not only excellent cost-conscious choices, but they are entirely safe for use as well. In fact, many of our clients go with recycled stair lifts to save money. However, they are also aware that, in many cases, used stair lifts are practically as good as new. And that’s because several are rarely used before they are uninstalled and repurposed.

The age of a stair lift is rarely a factor.

Our experience, here at LifeCare Mobility Solutions, has taught us that it’s not the age of a stair lift that matters. It’s more important to focus on the frequency of use by its previous owner. A stair lift’s current condition is a main factor in whether or not it is acceptable as an accessibility option that can be resold and used again. We ensure that all of our products are in excellent working condition to guarantee both their long-lasting usefulness and the safety of their users.

What are the advantages of going the recycled route?

As mentioned earlier, purchasing a recycled stair lift will save you money. Of course, it’s only right that we offer reduced prices on stair lifts that have previously been used. In many cases, our clients communicate to us that they anticipate the use of stair lifts in their homes only for short periods of time. In such cases, we recommend recycled stair lifts as a means to keep expenses down.

We’re happy to report that none of our clients have encountered any mechanical issues with our recycled stair lifts. It is imperative that we ensure that each and every one of them operate just as safely and smoothly as our new ones. We also strictly adhere to our policy of not buying back or selling a stair lift unless we are given complete access to the manufacturer’s technical support and parts department.

As a result, in the event that any maintenance is necessary, we are always able to quickly locate adequate solutions. In addition, we provide clients who purchase used stair lifts with additional warranties. The way we see it, it’s important to not just save our clients money, but ensure that the safety of the users of our products is never compromised.

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