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Planning For Your Future Is Immensely Good For Your Health

It’s a difficult thing to discuss. But, as we age, we need to strongly consider how we’re going to be cared for if we can’t care for ourselves. If you live with an elderly loved one, you’ve likely already discussed your plans for how they will be cared for in the future. Or have you? Let’s consider some important steps to take.

Write down your plans.

Like any other plan, it’s wise to put it all down in writing. Remember that writing out your plans doesn’t mean that they are written in stone. It only makes sense for your plans to be revisited and revised as needed. However, it’s also a good idea to have plans written down as visual proof of the ideas that have been discussed with your loved ones. As Molly Wisniewski explains on SixtyAndMe.com, writing down plans for your future health care is a wise choice.

“Having your wishes written down on paper is just an added security that your future health care choices are honoured,” she writes, “This process doesn’t even have to be formal, so don’t worry about calling a lawyer (unless you want to). If you would like to have some formality, you can sign your letter in front of a witness (who can be a close friend or family member).”

Control your money.

Many people experience worry and anxiety about issues that have nothing to do with their health. “What will happen to my money?” is a question that many people ponder as they enter their later years. As People’s Law School remind us, planning doesn’t just give you control over what happens to your body. It also helps you control what happens to your money and assets.

Their website notes that planning is particularly important if you want to protect your assets in order to continue supporting dependents. As well, giving loved ones access to your money for the purpose of providing you with care is a wise choice. In addition, if you’re the joint owner of a certain asset, such as a house, you may need to plan for its sale or refinancing, possibly without your signature

Prepare to have peace of mind.

One of the top reasons to plan for your future care is to provide yourself with peace of mind. With such questions as “Who will take care of me if I can’t take care of myself?” answered, it helps to put your mind at ease. If we’re lucky, we will all live to be elderly. But being happy in our later years involves having a set plan in place. That way, you can rest assure you’re always cared for.

“Aging is a natural part of life, and if we are lucky enough to experience it, there are still many things to learn and be involved with even in our later years,” says Wisniewski, “There may come a time, however, that we will be unable to make decisions for ourselves. This might sound scary, but if we prepare for this ahead of time, there is no reason why we can’t age in a place we feel comfortable and at home.”

The LifeCare Mobility Solutions team is dedicated to helping people prepare for their future care. We are happy to discuss the wide variety of mobility solutions we have available to make life easier. To learn all about them, please don’t hesitate to call us at 416-267-9800 or email us at info@lifecaremobility.ca. You may also contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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