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Making Bathroom Safety Your Number One Mission

Slipping and falling is a major concern for Canadian seniors. The statistics say it all. On their Canada.ca website, the Government of Canada confirms that falls are the leading cause of injures among Canadians 65 and older, accounting for 85 percent of seniors’ injury-related hospitalizations. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions for seniors in Canada. Clearly, measures must be taken to prevent falls as much as possible.

It’s no secret that bathrooms are places within the home where many falls occur. As we’ve pointed out in many of our past blogs, bathrooms have slippery surfaces that are only made more dangerous by water. As a result, it’s pretty safe to say that as a Canadian homeowner who lives with a senior, bathroom safety should be your number one mission.

Grab bars to the rescue!

Most industry experts tend to place grab bars at the tops of their lists of bathroom safety measures. At LifeCare Mobility Solutions, we’re proud to offer grab bars as one of our most effective bathroom modifications. When placed near the toilet and in the shower, grab bars make for excellent ways for elderly individuals to maintain their balance.

“Make sure the bars are slip-resistant and are easy to see (i.e. a contrasting colour),” advises Tim Brewer on UpliftingMobility.com, “While you can purchase grab bars that suction cup to the wall, but bolted on bars are the much better and safer option. Suction cup bars can easily come loose and slide down the shower wall, which greatly increases the risk of injury.”

Light the way!

When considering your methods of making your bathroom safer, remember that your elderly loved one’s strength and balance aren’t the only concerns to address. Vision impairment is another top culprit for slips and falls in the bathroom. It’s important, therefore, to ensure that your bathroom is well-lit. Easy-to-use fixtures including oversized or lowered light switches are included among the many bathroom modifications offered by LifeCare Mobility Solutions.

“Make sure the bathroom has ample lighting is key for preventing falls or other injuries,” insists Anneliese Peterson on WalkerMethodist.org, By keeping the room well lit, it’s easier to see if there’s anything on the floor that could become a hazard. Lighting is particularly important for seniors with vision problems or balance issues.”

Let them sit instead of stand!

Seniors aren’t able to enjoy optimum safety when standing in the shower. Naturally, the chances of slipping and falling are far lower when elderly people are able to sit down instead of stand. A shower chair is the ideal solution. Also included among our bathroom modifications, shower chairs are great investments for those who have difficulty staying balanced while standing.

“Opt for a chair that has rubber tips on the legs, which will provide the non-slip grip and prevent the chair from sliding,” suggests Brewer, “There are many different types of shower chairs available. Some are simple stools, which are great for seniors who can still get into and out of the tub on their own. There are also chairs that are elongated on one side to allow seniors to transfer into the tub without having to risk falling.”

LifeCare Mobility Solutions would like to join you on your mission to making your bathroom safer! If you have any questions about the bathroom modifications we offer, please don’t hesitate to call us at 416-267-9800 or email us at info@lifecaremobility.ca. You may also contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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