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How Will A Stair Lift Improve Life For My Elderly Loved One?

Do you live with an older adult or individual with mobility issues? If so, you’re surely concerned about his/her safety. This, of course, is natural as a person who has trouble moving around without difficulty is susceptible to injury-inducing slips and falls.

Have you ever considered installing a stair lift in your home? Doing so would eliminate the risk of slips and falls on the stairs. If you’re living with someone who is unsteady on his/her feet, a stair lift is an ideal solution.

Stair lifts can provide short-term injury solutions.

A stair lift doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in your home. Just as they can be installed, they can be uninstalled. If you live with an individual who is nursing an injury, a stair lift can provide an excellent short-term mobility solution. Instead of having your family member confined to one floor of the house, he/she can use a stair lift to easily access upstairs and downstairs.

“Although we usually install stair lifts for elderly individuals or those with a disability, stair lifts are fantastic short-term solutions for anyone with a mobility-limiting injury,” reports New York’s Penn York Medical, “Simply put, anyone can benefit from having a stair lift in their house.”

Stair lifts restore independence.

Does your loved one express concern about not being able to do things independently? It’s totally normal for a person to feel a lower sense of self-confidence when he/she often requires help. With a stair lift installed in your home, you give your family member the opportunity to get up and down the stairs without any assistance from anyone else in the household. This restored sense of independence works wonders for an individual’s mental health.

“If you frequently experience anxiety attacks when you have to use the stairs, you should realize that stair lifts can easily help with this problem,” asserts AgingInPlace.org, “With a stair lift in place, you will get to enjoy peace of mind and independence as you can easily be transported from floor to floor using the push of a button.”

Stair lifts offer comfortable rides.

Slow, steady and smooth are three adjectives that excellently describe stair lift rides. A user doesn’t need to worry about any sudden movements or bumps along the way. With a stair lift, a person with mobility issues is guaranteed a safe and comfortable ride either up the stairs or down the stairs.

Penn York Medical explains that with “a padded back, seat and armrests, sitting in a chairlift is just about as comfortable as it gets. As long as you hire a reputable professional to install your stair lift, you can trust that the ride will be as smooth as possible.”

Stair lifts can be mounted on either straight or curved staircases, making it easy to access other levels of your home with any type of stair design. If you have any questions about the stair lifts offered by LifeCare Mobility Solutions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 416-267-9800 or email us at info@lifecaremobility.ca. You may also contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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