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How To Show Gratitude To The Elderly

Too often, older adults get stereotyped as being incapable and not altogether “there”. Sure, senior citizens often combat limitations on both their physical and mental states. However, they have lived lives longer than the rest of us. Undoubtedly, they deserve our respect and our support. This is especially true for our elderly parents. It’s only right that we show our aging folks some well-deserved gratitude. Let’s take a look at how to do that, shall we?

Visit your elderly loved one in person.

We know that we are all dealing with trying times. If your elderly parent lives in a long-term care facility, be sure to find out when you may be able to visit him/her. In many areas, restrictions to visitations still apply. Is there a way to have your visit outdoors while the weather is nice?

As Vista Prairie Communities suggests, opt to visit your elderly loved one in person instead of calling him/her, if you’re able to. “It’s always nice to hear a familiar voice, but nothing beats face-to-face quality time,” says their website.

Offer up a loving gesture.

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Now, when it comes to the elderly, we’re not talking about the type of surprise that involves a group of people yelling out the word. Not only can that be startling, it’s not exactly COVID-safe to gather in large groups. We’re talking about a small gesture that can quickly put a smile on your elderly loved one’s face.

“Get them a drink or a coffee, do a chore for them, offer to do an errand; anything they’d appreciate,” suggests Visiting Angels, “Think of what that person likes, wants or needs, and try to do something to help them. Actions speak louder than words, and doing something nice will show you’re grateful more than just saying it.”

Ask them for advice.

Earlier, we acknowledged that some seniors contend with mental limitations. Dementia, for example, is an unfortunate ramification of getting older. Cognitive decline, however, doesn’t mean that an older person is void of compassion and understanding. Ask your aging parent for some simple advice. As you may have guessed, this will serve to benefit the older person more than it will yourself. Maybe. You may be surprised to find out that although you’re showing respect by asking for the help, the advice you get can be startlingly life-changing.

“Sadly, ageism exists, even though elders are some of the wisest people in society,” notes Dana Larsen on APlaceForMom.com, “It’s a shame to think that an elder, with a lifetime of experience, would be overlooked for advice. Seniors have a lot to contribute to society through their life experiences, so seeking counsel from an elder is time well spent. You will both appreciate the sentiment.”

At LifeCare Mobility Solutions, we believe it to be our duty to help the elderly live fruitful, fulfilling lives. Can we help you to help the ones you love? If you have any questions about the mobility solutions and home health care products we offer, please don’t hesitate to call us at 416-267-9800 or email us at info@lifecaremobility.ca. You may also contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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