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How To Safely Get A Senior From A Sitting To A Standing Position

If you are a caregiver of an elderly person, you undoubtedly have one of the toughest jobs that could ever be bestowed upon you. Needless to say, you have someone’s life in your hands on a daily basis and, as a result, must always practice the all-important rule of thumb that is “safety first”.

Your daily tasks likely require such activities as preparing meals for your elderly care recipient, changing his/her clothing and bathing him/her in the mornings or evenings. Those, it can be argued, are some of the tougher assignments. Sometimes, your assistance is also needed for such simple requirements as getting the senior from a sitting to a standing position. But, as you’re surely aware, that requirement isn’t all that simple, is it?

Again, safety first must be practiced here. And, depending on the severity of the mobility issues facing your elderly care recipient, it’s imperative you follow a few important steps before helping him/her get up from his/her seat.

Step #1: Get your care recipient’s help.

Yes, it’s your job to help your elderly loved one, however, this is a job that requires getting his/her help. You’ll need to have the senior scoot to the edge of the chair. You may need to help him/her shift from side to side in order to move forward. Make sure his/her feet are flat on the floor and that they are hip-width apart. Ask the senior to place one hand on the arm of the chair or on the seat itself if there is no arm.

Step #2: Position yourself on the care recipient’s weaker side.

This helps to provide additional strength where it is needed the most. Face in the direction of where you are moving the senior. Get into a comfortable and stable position with one foot in front of the other. Bend at your knees and hips, holding the care recipient’s hand without interlocking the fingers or thumbs. Put your hand on his/her back or hip on the side that is farthest away from you.

Step #3: Communicate when you’re ready to have the senior rise from the seat.

Communication is key. There’s no reason for this process to be a quiet one. Inform your care recipient that you are ready for him/her to get up by asking for him/her to look and lean forward, placing his/her nose over his/her toes. Give clear instructions. Create a special countdown request such as, “Let’s stand on three. Ready? One, two, three!” Be sure to keep providing the support as the senior moves with you in a forward, upward direction to the standing position.

If you live with an elderly loved one but you’re not always available to help him/her get from a sitting to a standing position, a power lift chair is highly recommended for your home. It’s a mobility device that slowly and safely lifts a person from his/her seat to a standing position.

At LifeCare Mobility Solutions, we’re proud to offer power lift chairs. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 416-267-9800 or email us at info@lifecaremobility.ca. You may also contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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