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How To Maximize Comfort At Home For Seniors

The past few months haven’t been easy for anyone. But for the members of our older population, isolation can be particularly scary. Of course, it’s not just the having to stay at home that’s a problem. The idea that the current pandemic is roughest on the elderly is a worrisome thought. As a result, it’s important for seniors to take the highest of precautions.

As a loving child-slash-caregiver of an older adult, it’s important to not just keep your loved one safe, but comfortable. Staying at home all the time can present some difficulties if the living environment doesn’t meet the daily requirements of your aging parent. What can you do to maximize comfort in the home for the senior who dwells within it?

Keep your living space organized.

This first tip doubles as both a safety rule and a comfort-inducing mechanism. Be sure to remove all tripping hazards from the floors. That means tucking away loose cords, picking up all objects, keeping stairwells clear and disposing of throw rugs. It also involves positioning furniture in ways so that they won’t likely be bumped into. A true sense of comfort can be achieved through the knowledge that one is in a safe environment.

“An organized space helps you move freely,” says AgingInPlace.org, “You are also able to carry out tasks done as easily as possible. It is general knowledge that, as people age, their strength diminishes as well. This is a point that can be turned into a positive for seniors. Since you may not have the energy to arrange the room every now and then, it is vital that you create an organized space that limits how often you have to arrange things and do minor chores.”

Regularly show your affection.

Keep in mind that “comfort” isn’t always about physical pleasantness. One’s emotional state requires constant reassurance, especially during a time like this. If home is truly where the heart is, prove that by regularly showing your affection to Mom and/or Dad. As Jeff Anderson notes on APlaceForMom.com, there’s nothing like a hug!

“Research has shown that friendly platonic touching from family, like hand-holding or hugging, can lower stress and promote feelings of well-being,” he reveals, “On the other hand, people deprived of touch can experience decreased well-being. So even if you or your older relatives are not the touchy-feely types, at the very least, weave a friendly hug into your greetings and farewells.”

Create enjoyable bedtime routines.

Many seniors find it difficult to sleep throughout each night. By helping the senior in your home to relax before bedtime, you’ll promote a much more comfortable night time sleeping situation. According to AgingInPlace.org, bedtime routines like reading, bathing, praying and playing are highly recommended for people in their senior years.

If such ideas still don’t help to generate comfortable sleeps for your elderly loved one, we’d highly recommend trying a home hospital bed. These beds allow individuals to increase sleeping comfort by adjusting bed positioning with proper therapeutic mattress surfaces.

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