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How To Know When It’s Time To Invest In A Mobility Solution

There are seniors all over Canada who are amazingly independent. They can walk up and down the stairs with ease, prepare their own meals and bathe without assistance. Over time, however, even the most able-bodied of seniors begin have a little difficulty performing their everyday tasks. Does this sound familiar for a loved one in your life? There are some telltale signs that a senior may need a little assistance with his/her mobility.

Let’s examine how to know when it’s time to invest in a mobility solution.

The senior in your life experiences dizziness.

Getting up from a seated position seems like an easy enough feat to accomplish. However, for many older adults, getting a little woozy comes with standing up. There can be many reasons for this. If an older person hasn’t eaten in a while, has missed taking his/her medication or simply gotten up too fast, it can cause him/her to feel a bit unbalanced. However, having regular bouts with dizziness requires some medical attention. It may also be reason enough to secure a mobility solution such as a walker.

“Dizziness and difficulties with balance can develop from a variety of factors that ultimately cause problems with mobility,” notes British Columbia’s Serenity Home Care, “It is important to uncover why these problems are taking place and attend to them as soon as possible.”

Your loved one gets easily exhausted.

It goes without saying that, as we age, our energy diminishes. Naturally, an older adult will require more rest, especially after some physical activity. But do you notice your elderly loved one is getting fatigued more often than usual? If so, it might be time to invest in a wheelchair so that he/she doesn’t have to exert as much energy getting around.

“Issues with exhaustion or weakness can signify that it is time for a mobility aid,” says Florida’s Advent Christian Village, “This is especially common for people with multiple sclerosis, ALS or those who are post-stroke. If you struggle with fatigue when you leave the house for extended periods of time, a wheelchair or walker with a built-in seat can help. Having access to a seat can help you head out for the day and relieve any unnecessary stress about being away from home.”

Your aging parent has trouble sitting or standing.

For most of us, sitting and standing are two effortless tasks. We generally take for granted that we can get ourselves to either position with ease. For older adults, however, aches and pains in certain joints often accompany the act of taking a seat or standing up. Mobility solutions like power lift chairs can be used to make the process effortless and pain-free.

“Notice if the older adult finds it challenging to either stand up from a seated position or to sit back down,” advises Serenity Home Care, “Do they need something to hold onto for support?”

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