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How Senior Citizens Can Overcome Common Misconceptions And Stereotypes

In August of 2020, London, Ontario’s Western University conducted a survey to gauge the attitudes and opinions of 2,110 Canadians and 2,124 Americans. The respondents were aged 18 to 65+ years old. The objective of the study was to assess how North Americans perceived older people during the pandemic and what factors explained these perceptions.

“The survey results showed that younger respondents were especially likely to say that older people were using more than their fair share of societal resources, such as those related to health care,” reports the university’s website, “These stereotypes can be heightened when resources seem to be scarce.”

It’s no secret that senior citizens face stereotypes and misconceptions from society. Unfortunately, these stereotypes can lead to negative attitudes and behaviours towards older adults. What are some of the common stereotypes that many senior citizens face and how can they overcome them?

The perception of decline.

Society often views older adults as being frail, forgetful and dependent on others. This stereotype can be damaging as it can lead to assumptions about seniors’ capabilities and limit opportunities for them. However, many seniors are active, engaged and capable of learning new things. To conquer this stereotype, seniors can focus on their strengths, participate in activities that challenge them and surround themselves with people who see them as capable individuals.

The perception of isolation.

Many people assume that older adults are lonely and disconnected from the rest of the world. While social isolation is a real problem for some seniors, it’s not a universal experience. Many seniors have active social lives and strong support systems. To overcome this misconception, older adults can stay involved in their communities, volunteer and participate in social activities. They can also use technology to stay connected with family and friends who live far away.

The perception of incompetence.

Too regularly, members of society assume that older adults are not capable of learning new skills or adapting to new technologies. This assumption can be frustrating for elderly people who want to continue learning and growing. To battle this stereotype, seniors can seek out opportunities for lifelong learning, take classes and participate in online courses. They can also experiment with new technologies and seek help from younger family members or friends who are more tech-savvy.

The perception of financial dependence.

It is often assumed that older adults are not financially independent and that they rely on others for support. While some seniors do struggle financially, many others are financially secure and self-sufficient. To defeat this misconception, seniors can take control of their finances, set financial goals and seek out resources and support to help them achieve those goals.

The perception of health problems.

Believe it or not, not all older adults are suffering from various health conditions. It is a misconception that all seniors are burdens on the health care system. While it’s true, of course, that some elderly folks have health issues, many others are healthy and active. To overcome this stereotype, seniors can focus on their health, maintain a healthy lifestyle and seek out preventative care. They can also advocate for themselves and educate others about the importance of healthy aging.

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