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Examining The Benefits Of Exercising For Older Adults

We all know that maintaining a healthy diet and getting in some daily exercise is good for our health. But, as we age, sticking to such regular routines can be pretty difficult. With growing aches and pains along with limited mobility, exercising can especially be tough for older adults. That doesn’t mean it should be avoided. In fact, in order to both better health and improve strength and balance, seniors should stick to regularly exercise regimens.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of exercising for older adults.

Walking maintains a healthy weight.

Walking is the simplest activity for people of all ages. It has many benefits for seniors, including keeping a steady weight. Walking also helps older adults to lower their risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer and diabetes. As well, daily walks can strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. For those who have hypertension, walking is a great way to reduce blood pressure.

“Walking is one of the best low-impact endurance exercises,” insists Comfort Keepers, “Be sure to have the right shoes and do stretching after your walk to protect the muscles that you just worked and prevent injury. If you’re new to walking, start with a short distance and increase your walks by a few minutes each time until you can walk for 30- to 60-minute stretches.”

The single limb stance betters balance.

Having a good sense of balance is absolutely vital for seniors. This is because slips and falls lead to the majority of hospitalizations for older adults in Canada. Falling can cause significant injuries and even death in elderly people. The goal of balance exercises is to improve stability and coordination throughout the body. Balance helps you to stay upright and safe from potential injury. On Lifeline.ca, the single limb stance is recommended to improve balance.

“Stand behind a steady, solid chair (not one with wheels), and hold on to the back of it,” instructs the website, “Lift up your right foot and balance on your left foot. Hold that position for as long as you can, then switch feet. The goal should be to stand on one foot without holding onto the chair and hold that pose for up to a minute.”

Yoga betters strength.

Yoga is widely regarded as one of the best forms of exercise for older adults. Over time and with proper classes, seniors can improve their flexibility and balance. Yoga also helps seniors to enhance their strength and boost their moods. As well, practicing yoga helps seniors to become more mindful of their breathing.

According to Comfort Keepers, “yoga fulfills all of the categories of good exercise ─ combining endurance with stretches, strength training, flexibility, and balance. Seniors should start with beginners’ classes or sessions that are specifically geared for them.”

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