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5 Reasons To Install A Stair Lift In Your Home

Here’s the scenario: you live at home with your aging parent. He/she suffers from some mobility issues that make his/her balance a concern. The last thing you want is for your elderly loved one to fall and get hurt. After all, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada, falls remain the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations among Canadian seniors. Between 20% and 30% of seniors fall each year, they report.

There are many different mobility solutions available for older adults who need help staying on their feet. Stair lifts are among the very best. Naturally, this is true for individuals who live in houses with staircases. A senior with mobility issues and a staircase is a bad mix. With a stair lift installed, however, an older adult can guarantee safe and smooth rides up and down the stairs. The risk of falls is eliminated.

What other reasons are there to install a stair lift in your home? Here are five:

1. It improves peace of mind.

Clearly, you’re not the only one worried about your aging parent’s safety. An installed stair lift restores peace of mind for all of your family’s members – not the least of which is the senior in your home. By eliminating the risk of falling down the stairs, everyone will be able to breathe easier.

2. It gives everyone full access to the house.

Many seniors who live in houses choose to stick to one floor of the home. Sadly, this limits their interactions with family members and visitors. By struggling with the stairs, a senior will often feel restricted. With a stair lift installed, he/she enjoys the freedom of safely venturing to the various levels of the home.

3. It provides relief of temporary disabilities.

Stair lifts aren’t for seniors alone. Have you or anyone else in the household experienced a recent injury or illness? If you’re on crutches or need the use of a wheelchair to get around, a stair lift can certainly provide you with some additional support. Naturally, it’s very difficult to climb stairs if you are recovering from an illness or injury. A stair lift can eliminate the unneeded strain on your body that is needed to independently climb up or down the stairs.

4. It restores independence.

Here’s a reminder about the other harmful aspect of mobility issues. They don’t just cause physical pain. Emotional stress is another result. Losing your independence can be a very hard pill to swallow. With a stair lift, a person with mobility issues can regain his/her independence. Going up and down the stairs without assistance from anyone else in the family is a great way to rebuild self-confidence.

5. It prevents broken bones.

As reported by the Public Health Agency of Canada, over one-third of fall-related hospitalizations among seniors are associated with hip fractures. “Fracture-induced physical limitations augment the need for support on the part of older adults themselves and their caregivers, and increases pressure on Canadian health care systems,” says their report. Stair lifts helps seniors to avoid falls that lead to broken bones.

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