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4 Entertaining Yet Safe Holiday Activities Tailored For Seniors

Can you believe that Christmas will be here in just over a month? The holiday season is definitely a time of joy, togetherness and creating cherished memories. For seniors, this wonderful time of year is an opportunity to engage in delightful activities that bring a sparkle to their days. It’s vital, of course, that when older adults participate in fun and festive activities, they are assured of both safety and comfort.

Here are four entertaining yet safe activities tailored for seniors:

1. Hosting holiday movie marathons.

There is just something magical about cozying up with loved ones to watch classic holiday movies. Some of our absolute favourites are A Christmas Story, Elf, Home Alone, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Why not take things up a notch, this year, by creating a mini-theatre experience at home? Set up a concession stand for the family to retrieve blankets, popcorn and beverages.

Watching holiday movies both evokes nostalgia and provides excellent opportunities for seniors to relive cherished moments with their families. “Even if family and friends can’t watch a movie together, they can share the experience of a movie night at home,” writes Claire Samuels on A Place For Mom, “Let your aging loved one pick a movie they enjoy, and you can talk about it on the phone later.”

2. Creating personalized photo albums or scrapbooks.

What a wonderful way to collect and commemorate holiday memories! Encourage your elderly loved ones to gather their favourite photos from past celebrations so they can craft beautiful albums that narrate their stories. This activity is a meaningful way to reminisce and share cherished moments with family members.

“Be sure to take new family pictures at holiday gatherings, as well,” advises Caitlin Devan on Care.com, “Sometimes the occasion can slip by so quickly that we forget to grab a snapshot of family and friends.”

3. Crafting ornaments.

Encourage creativity by organizing a fun crafting session for your elderly loved one. Focus on making holiday ornaments. Gather supplies like colourful paper, ribbons, beads and glue, and guide the seniors in your family through simple yet delightful ornament-making activities. Creating these decorations can be a therapeutic and enjoyable experience. It also allows older adults to express their artistic side while bringing a festive touch to their homes.

“Search for a holiday craft kit online and have one delivered to each family member’s home,” suggests Samuels, “Even with the same materials and instructions, you’ll end up with unique and creative results. Share pictures of your finished projects and compare decorative flourishes.”

4. Takiug in the neighbourhood light displays.

“Once a year, homeowners go all out and decorate their lawns and houses with holiday flair,” Devan reminds us. If weather permits, take advantage of the festive light displays in your neighbourhood. Plan leisurely outdoor strolls with your elderly loved ones through beautifully lit streets or local holiday markets.

Ensure comfortable clothing and footwear for the seniors and consider arranging transportation if needed. The sights and sounds of the holiday season can be incredibly uplifting and create a sense of wonder and delight. Not to mention, the leisurely stroll provides the seniors in your life with some much-needed fresh air and light exercise.

If there is anything the LifeCare Mobility Solutions team can do to make your holiday season a safe and enjoyable one, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us at 416-267-9800, email us at info@lifecaremobility.ca or fill out the form on our Contact page. Be sure to ask us about all of our mobility solutions and home modifications for seniors!

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