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3 Safe And Fun Activities That Can Keep Seniors Entertained This Fall

This isn’t something that most Canadians want to hear. However, it’s a truth we cannot avoid. For all intents and purposes, the summer season is over! Officially, autumn will get underway on Tuesday, September 22nd. However, with the weather already chilling out and school beginning this week, there’s no denying it. Fall is pretty much here.

If you live with a senior, it’s time to come up with some safe and fun activities that will keep him/her entertained throughout the season. Here are three:

1. Plant an indoor garden.

As we mentioned, to the chagrin of most Canucks, the fall season brings us much more chilly temperatures than the last few months have given us. As a result, gardening isn’t exactly on the menu for most people. That is, of course, unless you take the gardening activities indoors. For the botany lover in your family, start an indoor garden.

As Wanda Moen of The Arbor Company suggests, you can plant an indoor herb garden and then install it in a windowsill. She also recommends painting a large ceramic pot and then turning it into a succulent garden.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch.

Yes, the fall season brings us cooler temperatures. But, of course, not all fall activities need to take place indoors. Visiting a local pumpkin patch will provide you and your elderly loved one with some fresh air as well as some fun time together. The Senior Care Network points out that pumpkin patches often offer a wide range of activities in addition to picking out pumpkins.

They include “petting zoos, pumpkin decorating stations, and hayrides,” their website notes, “They also sometimes feature onsite bakeries that use fresh pumpkins, apples and other locally grown produce in all their recipes.”

3. Go for a light hike.

While many Canadians will long for warmer summer days, this fall, so many others will relish the fact that they can enjoy cooler temperatures. A lot of seniors are in this category. For them, sweltering summer heat doesn’t allow them to enjoy the great outdoors as much as their younger counterparts. With the fall season approaching, plan some outdoor hikes that won’t take too much of a toll on your family’s older members. Be sure to dress warmly!

“Crisp fall weather presents an ideal time to go hiking,” says Moen, “Seniors who are still able-bodied may relish a family hike.”

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