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3 Reasons To Install A Stair Lift In Your Home

Here in Ontario, we are under a stay-at-home order that many of us were following long before it was implemented. If you live with elderly loved ones or individuals with mobility issues, you’re likely very used to staying indoors as often as you can. Needless to say, the health and safety of those who are most susceptible to ill health is paramount during this pandemic.

How can you ensure that, when staying at home, your loved ones remain free from risk of injury? Perhaps, a stair lift is the answer to your concerns. Here are three reasons to install a stair lift in your home:

1. You live with someone with a mobility issue.

This, quite honestly, may be the most obvious reason to install a stair lift in your home. Do you live with someone who requires the use of a wheelchair, walker or cane? Is there an elderly person in your home who has trouble maintaining his/her balance? If so, a stair lift can take away the risk of a fall down the stairs. Eliminating this risk, as you are likely aware, will significantly improve peace of mind and overall enjoyment of the home.

“You shouldn’t let mobility challenges lock you out of your home,” insists U.K.’s Access BDD, “With a stair lift, you can comfortably, easily and safely go up and down the stairs without any challenges.”

2. Your loved one battles with depression.

Losing your independence can be one of the hardest pills to swallow in life. No one likes to have to rely on others for assistance with simple-to-do tasks. However, for those who contend with mobility issues, a little help getting up and down the stairs is often necessary. This lack of independence can often lead to feelings of embarrassment, anger and depression. If you’re noticing these moods in your family member, it may be time to help him/her regain his sense of independence.

“A reliable stair lift can help people with mobility challenges regain their independence,” informs Medium.com, “When mobility becomes too painful, people often have to depend on others to move from one floor to another. This can be a depressing situation for them. Installing a stair chair lift would allow them to move easily and safely between the different floors of the house.”

3. Your family member feels isolated in the home.

Does your loved one generally spend most of his/her time in one room or level of the home? If so, he/she may simply be avoiding the stairs. Be sure to have a conversation with the elderly loved one or family member with disabilities. Find out if he/she is not fully enjoying full use of the house. If so, making your staircase a lot safer to ascend and descend may help the individual to feel more confident going up and down the stairs.

“With a stair lift, you don’t have to worry about going up or down the stairs,” assures Access BDD, “In fact, you can go up and down the stairs a 100 times without worrying about the pain, energy and time it will take. With a stair lift, you have unlimited freedom and you can move around your home without any restrictions or challenges.”

At LifeCare Mobility Solutions, proudly offer Handicare and Bruno stair lifts. If you have any questions about the stair lifts we offer, please don’t hesitate to call us at 416-267-9800 or email us at info@lifecaremobility.ca. You may also contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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