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3 New Year’s Resolutions For Older Adults

With 2020 just around the corner (only two weeks until a new decade is here!), people all over Canada are currently drawing up their New Year’s resolutions. It’s a common practice at this time of year. Often, lists are comprised of such self-made promises as “lose weight” and “quit smoking”. But what New Year’s resolutions should be made by the older adults in our lives?

Here are three:

1. Write letters – the traditional way.

The art of staying in touch has taken on completely new looks over the past decade. Today, people are a lot quicker to send a text message or compose an email than they are to write a traditional letter using a pen and paper. For older adults, handwritten letters are huge parts of their lives. They’ve likely sent and received plenty over the years. But that art doesn’t have to disappear. Encourage your elderly loved one to stay mentally sharp while also growing relationships by writing letters the traditional way.

“Pass the fine art of letter writing down to the next generation by writing letters to some of your loved ones,” encourages Medical Alert Advice, “Vow to send handwritten birthday cards and thank you notes throughout the year as well.”

2. Revive an old friendship.

Have you lost touch with a one-time great friend? Is there a family member you haven’t spoken to in some time? Why not make 2020 the year when you put all of the bad blood behind you? Mending fences with someone you once were close to is a great way to revive senses of happiness and self-confidence.

“It’s not always easy remaining close to friends who don’t live right down the street,” says Sunrise Senior Living on their website, “But there are dozens of resources you can use to rekindle old friendships. Make a telephone call, send an email or reach out to one of your childhood buddies via Facebook or another social media platform. Make it your goal to keep in touch and possibly schedule a get-together in the near future.”

3. Pay greater attention to fall prevention.

Protecting the elderly against slips and falls couldn’t be more important. It’s imperative that you take steps to fall-proof your bathroom with such additions as non-slip mats and grab bars. But, of course, there are many other measures you can take. As HealthInAging.org reminds us, one in every three older adults falls each year, and falls are a leading cause of injuries and death among older adults.

“Exercises such as walking or working out with an elastic band can increase your strength, balance, and flexibility and help you avoid falls,” notes the website, “Also ask your healthcare provider to check that you’re not taking any pills that can make you more likely to fall. Eliminate items in your home that are easy to trip over, like throw rugs. Insert grab bars in your bathtub or shower, and install night lights so it’s easier to see at night.”

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