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3 Fun Fall Activities That Are Safe For Seniors

In last week’s blog, we took on the unfortunate task of reminding you that summer is almost over. Nevertheless, we offered up a few suggestions regarding summertime activities that are safe for seniors. Well, the inevitable is coming. By this time next week, classes all across Canada will be filled. And although the fall season officially commences on September 23rd, we feel it’s the right time to offer up some suggestions regarding fall activities that are safe for seniors.

Here are three:

1. Setting up for Halloween.

Halloween is still about two months away. But it’s just such a fun day, isn’t it? There’s no reason you and your elderly loved one can’t get in on the fun early. Perhaps, you can begin work on some amazing homemade costumes for the kids. You may also want to create some fun little pumpkin pouch goody bags, says DailyLiving.com.

“If you’re planning to hand out treats to children in the family or neighborhood kids, your older adult might enjoy helping with the preparations,” notes the site, “Someone with dementia might enjoy sorting a mixed bag of candy into different containers. It’s a great no-fail activity that helps them feel included – even if you don’t really need the candy to be sorted.”

2. Tending to the garden.

It’s a wise choice to make this activity more of a fun venture than a chore. Join your elderly loved one in some light exercise by going outside to clean up the yard. Fall is aptly named. We all know it’s the season when the leaves change colour and fall off the trees. If you have leaves to rake, ask the senior in your home to come outside as you rake them up. He/she doesn’t necessarily have to participate, however, the fresh air will do him/her good.

“Throw down some new seed for your front lawn,” suggests Shayne Fitz-Coy on Alert-1.com, “Get ready for next spring and plant some bulbs. Be sure to add a protective layer of soil so they stay safe from frost. In a few months you will have beautiful flowers to look at.”

3. Knitting.

We know. It sounds cliché to suggest that seniors knit to pass the time. Nevertheless, it’s a great fall activity. Consider the fact that warmer clothes are necessary for us all during the cooler autumn months. Knitting isn’t just a time-passing event. It helps the senior in your life to contribute to the family’s overall well-being as well as his/her own. We’d argue there’s no more important activity than one that makes a senior feel valued.

“Knitting is one of the best fall activities for seniors,” says Buzztime.com, “Not only is knitting proven to boost happiness, knitters feel great pride in their handiwork which can increase confidence. Organize a weekly knitting club and provide monthly transportation to a nearby yard or craft store. Team up with a local homeless shelter and give residents the chance to help others by knitting winter hats.”

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