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Revisiting The Importance Of Bathroom Safety With Help From HealthCraft Group

On behalf of the entire LifeCare Mobility Solutions team, we’d like to send a very special thank you to all of our customers. It is not lost on us that the past year has been especially tough for everybody. It means a lot to us that you would continue to show your support by entrusting us as your mobility solutions provider. Our top mandate is to help individuals remain in their homes with renewed independence and peace of mind.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to send a very special thank you to our suppliers. Naturally, we wouldn’t be able to restore the independence of our customers without your fantastic products. Our relationship is more than just about keeping a business running. It’s about helping people to live better, more fruitful lives. We’re so very proud of what we’re able to do together.

Thank you HealthCraft Group!

This week, we’d like to send a kind shout out to our friends at HealthCraft Group. Not only is this awesome company one of our top suppliers, but its team regularly shares great ideas with us. Like our company, HealthCraft Group blogs regularly. We’d like to take this opportunity to share some great points they’ve made in their blog over the past couple of months.

The LifeCare Mobility Solutions Blog has often heralded the importance of grab bars. For individuals who contend with balance issues, grab bars can be literal life savers. By installing them in your bathroom and shower area, these solutions give people something to hold on to – hence their name. They work wonders in providing stability and preventing injury-causing slips and falls.

In a recent HealthCraft Group blog, Sara Barnoski details the importance of using grab bars with 9-hole flanges. “A grab bar flange is the flat metal disc at either end of a grab bar that makes contact with the wall,” she explains, “Most grab bar flanges have 3 holes for screws…Our grab bars have 9-hole flanges.” Among the benefits of using 9-hole flanges are that it’s easier to make contact with studs and there are fewer chances of making drilling mistakes.

To reiterate, grab bars make your bathroom safer.

As our blog has often pointed out, slips and falls often occur because of the slippery surfaces in bathrooms. Therefore, the act of safeguarding a bathroom – especially when living with an older adult – cannot be understated. In another recent HealthCraft Group blog, Sara Barnoski and Micah Rakoff Bellman stress the importance of planning bathroom safety modifications according to your needs.

“Though a lot of us might expect more danger in a kitchen, garage workshop, or a dark furnace room with low ceilings that’s piled high with unknown boxes—in 2008, bathrooms were responsible for approximately 21.8 million nonfatal injuries in persons aged 15 or older,” they report, “What’s more, over 80% of these injuries were caused by falls.”

In addition to grab bars, we offer a long list of home bathroom modifications!

Our home bathroom modifications include easy use fixtures, night lights, transfer benches, walk in tubs, roll in showers, bath lift chairs, raised support toilet seats, widened doorways and shower chairs. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 416-267-9800 or email us at info@lifecaremobility.ca. You may also contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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