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Improving The Safety Of The Showering Experience For Seniors

Most of us taking showering for granted. It’s easy for us to soap ourselves up and rinse ourselves off. For the most part, taking a shower is a daily occurrence. We practically take the simple act for granted.

For older adults, however, the act of showering isn’t always a simple one. In fact, the risk of slips and falls can be so high, many seniors wish to avoid the shower altogether. Needless to say, if you live with an elderly loved one, it’s vital you improve the safety of his/her showering experience.

Throw on some shower shoes.

Traditionally, shower time is when we take it all off. But, as we get older, it’s wise to put a little something on before getting into the shower. Shower shoes are great ways to add traction to the bottoms of our feet. To avoid the dangers presented by the slick and slippery surfaces of most bathtubs and shower stalls, put on some shower shoes to begin the bathing experience.

“Wear water shoes in the shower to reduce the chance of a fall,” urges Scott Grant on GrayingWithGrace.com, “These special shoes reduce the chance of slipping on wet surfaces with non-slip soles. Shower shoes are a great alternative when it comes to preventing slipping on wet surfaces. Combine them with or the other non-slip measures described above for maximum safety!”

Ensure the water isn’t too hot or too cold.

It’s imperative that a senior’s bath water isn’t too hot or too cold. Not only can extreme heat or extreme cold damage the skin and even cause sickness, it can startle an older adult. The shock of being hit with either hot or cold water is enough to send many seniors to the floor. Always check the temperature of the water before your elderly loved one enters the bath or shower.

“If the person is dependent on you for bathing, take time to prepare the room’s temperature, and the water’s temperature,” insists Caregiver-Aid, “Making the bath temperature and the room temperature similar means the body will not have to adjust and strain.”

Use a shower chair.

One surefire way to not fall down in the shower is to not be standing in the first place. By investing in a shower chair, you give the older adult in your home the opportunity to sit comfortably in the shower. Naturally, it’s near impossible to slip and fall from a seated position. Shower chairs are particularly beneficial for individuals who have hard times standing in place for long periods of time.

“A good shower chair has rubber tips on the legs to prevent sliding,” explains Comfort Keepers, “Use with a hand-held shower head, and the senior can remain seated.”

In addition to shower chairs, LifeCare Mobility Solutions offers a long list of home bathroom modifications! They include easy use fixtures, night lights, grab bars, transfer benches, walk in tubs, roll in showers, bath lift chairs, raised support toilet seats and widened doorways.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 416-267-9800 or email us at info@lifecaremobility.ca. You may also contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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